One of the pioneers and pacesetters of the Israeli high-tech and ICT(INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY) industry, Amiram Shore has been at the forefront of Israeli technology and international business for over 50 years. With extensive knowledge of, and hands-on experience in, the software, telecommunication, high-tech, and ICT services industries, and a global reach that includes high-level access to Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Mr. Shore brings a rich career and proven track record of success and innovation. Amiram Shore serves as the chairman and CEO of E.N.T. – Exceptional New Technologies Ltd., with the vision and mission to leverage the technological startup and matured companies in Israel to new achievements and technological horizons and as the Chairman of ATM – Technological Horizons Ltd., as well as the chairman of Imagine – Mobile Augmented Reality Ltd. (Smart Glasses) and AMIS – Advanced Mobile Integrated Systems Ltd and is a mentor to, and shareholder in, start up companies that are likely to bring about a breakthrough in technology, in the future.

Mr. Shore is one of the policymakers of the industrial economy in general and high tech industries in particular.

In 1963, Mr. Shore founded, managed and chaired MLL Software and Computer Industries Ltd., a pioneer, leading professional organization for supplying data processing services, software development, systems and information technology in Israel. MLL has established the foundation and the platform of computerization of the business and industrial community and public institutes in Israel.
The Group has employed, during the years, thousands of employees, operated 3 computer centers and had 5 affiliated and subsidiary companies that dealt with a wide range of Information Technology: software development, systems integration, telecommunication and the manufacturing of hi-tech products.

The methodology of outsourcing in computerization and information technology was developed and implemented for the first time in Israel by MLL Software and Computer Industries Group for several large corporations in the country, for example: The Citrus Board of Israel which was for years the leading export field in Israel (1964), the National Shipping company Zim (1966), Solel Bone Group (one of the leading construction companies in the world) through a joint company "SolMLL Ltd" (1974), Joint Agricultural computerized auditing services Supervision Board for the Kibbutz and Moshav movements (1970), the Maritime Transportation Company (1968) and others.

MLL Software and Computer Industries methodology became over the years THE model for other companies within the Israeli industry.

In 1992 he also founded, InVenTech Ltd., one of the first venture capital companies in Israel, and was a member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Shore also served as Chairman of the Board of Mercator, InVenTech's management company. InVenTech has invested in 30 different high-tech start-ups, some of which are already successfully traded on the NASDAQ and on European stock exchanges. InVenTech was among the founders who created the phenomenon and the culture of Venture Capitals in Israel and turned Israel to become the "Start-up Nation". Over the course of his career, he has established and chaired dozens of technological startups and software houses. He is also a popular and in-demand guest lecturer in the field of IT at various academic institutions in Israel and at international congresses in Israel and abroad.

In 1999 Mr. Shore established international consortium that initiated and established, together with entrepreneurs from Israel, the Netherlands, Australia and Jordan, a software house in Amman, as a contribution to the strengthening of economic and business ties between Israel and Jordan. Between 1999 – 2005, Mr. Shore served as the chairman of this company.

During the 60s, 70s and the 80s, Mr. Shore and the company he leaded, MLL Software and Computer Industries Group, were the bridge and the gate for most of the leading companies from Europe and US to penetrate the Israeli market. MLL Group was the official representative and distributor of products and technologies for Philips, Radio-Shack, Compaq, Microsoft, Corvus, 3Com, Texas Instrument (TI), Data Point and others, until they decided to open R&D and independent marketing centers in Israel.

Over the years, Mr. Shore also served as a hi-tech and software consultant to various countries around the world: Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Poland, Romania, Jordan and others. Currently Mr. Shore serves as a consultant to the Science and Technology Commission of the Jiangsu Province and the City of Nanjing in China(2009). Mr. Shore is a member of the Steering Committee that is designing and developing the Software Valley of China(in Nanjing), an industrial park for hi-tech and software industries that will be housed on a 50 square kilometer estate, on which the "Israel Smartech Park" will be constructed.
Mr. Shore also serves as consultant to MRK Science & Technology Development (Group) Co. Ltd. Together with Mr. Zhang Yi, President of MRK Science & Technology Development (Group) Co. Ltd, Mr. Shore established "The Israel Smartech Park" which will host the cooperation between the Israeli industries and similar industries in China in general and Nanjing in particular and will be the gate way to the Asian and Chinese markets.

Mr. Shore's vision and mission is to establish Nanjing City as the technological center and a cooperation hub for leading innovative R&D projects from Israel and other companies from China and Asia.

One of the more prominent figures in Israel's business and technology communities, Mr. Shore served and continue to do so in numerous public and private business leadership roles in Israel and abroad. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Manufacturers Association in Israel, Chairman of the Foreign Trade & International Relations Division in the Manufacturers Association in Israel, member of the board in the Israel Association of Electronics and Software Industries and the Chairman of ILA (IPA), the Israeli Information Technology Association. In the past, Mr. Shore served as the Chairman of the Electronics and Software Division of the Manufacturers Association of Israel, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute and President of COMMON Europe, the IBM User Group Association in Israel and Europe. Mr. Shore initiated the professional institutions to represent the user and the professional community: Computers in Education, The Israel Internet Organization and others.

In his public positions during the 60's and 70's, Mr. Shore leaded public campaigns to recognize the software industry as the future industry of Israel, in order to be granted proper development incentives, and he advocated for legislation of different laws such as R&D law, Encouragement of Capital Investments Law, Risk Insurance and others which created the platform and the pillars that turned Israel to what is known today as "The Startup Nation".

As a public figure of the high tech and software industries in Israel, Mr. Shore participated in dozens official delegations of Israeli Prime Ministers and Presidents to many countries all over the world, in which he represented the Israeli high tech and software industries to connect and deepen the trade and cooperation between them and similar industries abroad.

During the course of the past ten years, in his public office as the Vice Chairman of PIBF (Palestine International Business Forum), an international initiative for economic cooperation between business people from Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Amiram Shore has maintained involvement and conducted a great deal of activity in the promotion of tourism to Israel and to the Palestinian Authority and in the infrastructure required to this end and cooperation in the software and hi-tech industries and he is active in promoting the topic in conjunction with the Quartet team, headed by the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair.

Mr. Shore has received many prestigious awards throughout the years: The Kaplan Prize (1988) – award named after the first finance minister of Israel, it is considered the most important prize given for important contribution to economy and administration in Israel; the grade of Senior Member of the International Society of Manufacturing Engineers – SME(1991); the Israeli Marketing Excellency Prize(1993); and the Excellence in Management Prize(1995). Mr. Shore was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Israeli Information Technology Association (ILA)(1998)and was honored with a special award by the Israel Chamber of Information Systems Analysts for Pioneering the IT Industry in Israel (2007). All the important awards were granted to Mr. Shore “for his outstanding contribution to the establishment and management of Information Technology in Israel, for management of the computerization of the business sector and transforming the software industry into one of the export branches of the State of Israel, for his contribution to the integration of the computer community into the international community.”

In 1988 The University of Tel Aviv chose the company as one of the 12 Good Businesses Under Israeli Management. The story of the company was included in a book by Yigal Ben Aharon of the University of Tel Aviv and is studied in the Business Administration Faculty of the University.

Amiram Shore was awarded with a number of registrations in the Gold Book of Honor of the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund, in tribute of leadership and company accomplishments, with the occasions of 20 years and 30 years (1983 and 1993 respectively) since the establishment of MLL Software and Computer Industries, from the employees of the company. Amiram Shore was also registered in the same book from the members of IBM-AMZI – The Umbrella Organization for the users and IBM Business Partners in Israel for his contribution to the industry and IBM users in 1994 and 1997, with the occasion of ending his position as Chairman of the Organization.

In 1995 the company and Mr. Shore won international recognition for development of the technology presented in the world's most prestigious exhibition in Hanover, Germany. The application generator developed by the company based on OOP - Object Oriented Programming Technology for PC platform (the first in the world) was recognized by Byte/McGraw-Hill as world's best generator and the best technologic product out of 30,000 products and technologies that were presented in that exhibition.

In 2009, Mr. Shore was honored with the prestigious Israeli Industry Acclaim Award for his long time contribution to the reinforcement of the national economic - social resilience of the State of Israel and the economic growth of the country and honorary citizen award of the city of Nanjing,China(2012), for his contribution to establish and strengthening the business and technological relations between Israel and China in general and the city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province in particular.

In 2016, in the presence of The President of the State of Israel, the Outstanding Industry Prize for 2016 was presented by The Manufacturers Association in Israel, to Amiram Shore, Chairman and CEO of E. N. T. – Exceptional New Technologies Ltd., as a symbol of gratitude for his contribution of many decades dedicated to the establishment, groundwork and elevation of the Software and Hi-tech Industry in Israel and turning it into the leading export industry of the State of Israel and for being one of the pillars of the Technology Industry and International Trade, a visionary Executive-Leader with imagination, inventive powers and a most impressive successful track record.
For his wisdom in integrating the Israeli IT Community into the international community, which contributed immensely to bolstering the economic and competitive resilience of the State of Israel and for being the “Gatekeeper of the Software Industry in Israel” and who, with his own two hands, brought about the opulence of the Software Industry, positioning it as the leading Future Industry of the State of Israel.