Names from left to right: Mr. Forbes, Publisher of Forbes Magazine, Dan Propper, President of the Manufacturers Association of Israel, Ezer Weizman, President of Israel, Lord Sieff, Chairman of Marks and Spencer.

Citations and Awards

2016: In the presence of The President of the State of Israel, the Outstanding Industry Prize for 2016 was presented by The Manufacturers Association in Israel, to Amiram Shore, Chairman and CEO of E. N. T. – Exceptional New Technologies Ltd., as a symbol of gratitude for his contribution of many decades dedicated to the establishment, groundwork and elevation of the Software and Hi-tech Industry in Israel and turning it into the leading export industry of the State of Israel and for being one of the pillars of the Technology Industry and International Trade, a visionary Executive-Leader with imagination, inventive powers and a most impressive successful track record.
For his wisdom in integrating the Israeli IT Community into the international community, which contributed immensely to bolstering the economic and competitive resilience of the State of Israel and for being the “Gatekeeper of the Software Industry in Israel” and who, with his own two hands, brought about the opulence of the Software Industry, positioning it as the leading Future Industry of the State of Israel.
2012: Received the "Honorary Citizen of Nanjing" for his contribution to establish and strengthening the business and technological relations between Israel and China in general and the city of Nanjing in particular.
2009: Presented with the Industry Acclaim Award by the Manufacturers Association of Israel, for his lifelong contribution to the economic-social resilience, might and image of the State of Israel in general and for his lifelong contribution to the establishment, development, advancement and success of the ICT and Hi-tech Industries in the State of Israel in particular.
2007: Honored with special award by the Israel Chamber of Information Systems Analysts for Pioneering the IT Industry in Israel
1998: Presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by The Information Technology Association of Israel (IPA), “for his outstanding contribution to the establishment and management of Information Technology in Israel, for management of the computerization of the business sector and transforming the software industry to one of the export branches of the State of Israel, for his contribution to the integration of the computer community into the international community and for his contribution to IPA.”
1995: Awarded the Excellence of Management Prize (Awarded by the Minister of Agriculture).
1993: Recipient of the Israeli Marketing Excellency Prize, awarded by the President of the State of Israel and Lord Sieff, on behalf of the Israeli Manufacturers Association.
1991: Elected to the grade of Senior Member of the International Society of Manufacturing Engineers -SME.
1990: The Institute for Public Opinion and Consumer Attitude selected the company (MLL Software and Computer Industries Ltd.) as “Leading Company of the Decade for the Years 1980 - 1990 for its Contribution in the Development of the Field in the Area of Information Technology, Data Processing, Software and Hardware”.
1988: Recipient of the prestigious 1988 Kaplan Prize for his contribution to the development of the management and computerization of the business community in Israel. (This prize awarded by the President of the State of Israel and the Minister of Labor).
1988: The University of Tel Aviv chose the company as one of the 12 Good Businesses Under Israeli Management.
The story of the company was included in a book by Yigal Ben Aharon of the University of Tel Aviv and is studied in the Business Administration Faculty of the University.
1987: Special award by Common Europe (IBM User Association In Europe) for his outstanding contribution as president of Common Europe during the years 1984-1987.

Amiram Shore was awarded with a number of registrations in the Gold Book of Honor of the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund, in tribute of leadership and company accomplishments, with the occasions of 20 years and 30 years (1983 and 1993 respectively) since the establishment of MLL Software and Computer Industries, from the employees of the company. Amiram Shore was also registered in the same book from the members of IBM-AMZI – The Umbrella Organization for the users and IBM Business Partners in Israel for his contribution to the industry and IBM users in 1994 and 1997, with the occasion of ending his position as Chairman of the Organization.