Leading the Palestine International Business Forum (PIBF)

Amiram Shore is leading the PIBF which was established to nurture, promote and advocate for the development of a business and trade enabling environment in Palestine. With the main aim of encouraging foreign trade and investment in and with Palestine, through partnerships, joint ventures and other technology transfer mechanisms. As such, it is hoped that these efforts will benefit the region as a whole and bring about a more favorable environment for both Israeli and Palestinian businesses.

Stable business relations and economic prosperity are vital factors in achieving peaceful relations. The private sector can play a key role in spearheading and advancing Palestinian-Israeli relations, serving as a moderate voice and as an anchor of stability that welcomes open dialogue. As such, private sector relations can greatly impact both economies, promoting win-win situations for Palestinians and Israelis alike, in the long term perspective.

Encouraged by the mutual willingness of Swedish, Palestinian and Israeli private sector leaders to address the deteriorating economic situation, the International Council for Swedish Industries (NIR) initiated a channel for trilateral discussion between key business leaders.

As a private sector actor, the PIBF bases its action on the moral grounds to end the conflict and on the economic grounds to enhance economic development.

PIBF is operated in Israel by the Israeli Coordinator Ms. Loreen Weintraub. For more information: loreen@pibf.net, +972 3 6030179.