Experience. Dedication. Excellence

The seasoned ENT management team is made up of prominent figures in Israeli hi-tech and IT, together with experienced and professional technical players. Together, these individuals constitute a creative, professional and motivated industry-leading force:

Amiram Shore, Chairman of the Board

One of the pioneers and pacesetters of the Israeli hi-tech and IT industry, Amiram Shore has for over 40 years been at the forefront of Israeli technology and international business. With extensive knowledge of, and hands-on experience in, the software, telecommunication, hi-tech, and IT services industries, and a global reach that includes high-level access to Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Amiram brings to ENT a rich career and proven track record of success and innovation.

Amiram founded, managed and chaired MLL Software and Computers Industries Ltd., a pioneer, leading professional organization for the supply of data processing services, software development, systems and information technology in Israel. He also founded and was a member of the Board of Directors of InVenTech Ltd., and was Chairman of the Board of Mercator, InVenTech's management company. InVenTech has invested in 30 different hi-tech start-ups, some of which are already successfully traded on the NASDAQ and in European stock exchanges.

Over the course of his career, Amiram has established and chaired dozens of technological startups and software houses. He is also a popular and in-demand guest lecturer in the field of Information Technology at institutes of higher learning in Israel and at international congresses in Israel and abroad.

One of the more prominent figures in Israel's business and technology communities, Amiram has served in numerous public and private business leadership roles in Israel and abroad, including:

Chairman of the Electronics and Software Division of the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel.
Member of the Presidency and Board of the Israel Manufacturers' Association
Chairman of the Information Technology Association of Israel - the umbrella organization of Israeli information technology professionals

Member of the Board of the Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute
Founder and Chairman of the Telecommunications Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) organization in Israel

President of COMMON Europe, the European IBM Users Association (the largest association of computer users in the world)

Member of the Board of Directors of the Israel Management Center

The recipient of many prestigious awards throughout the years, Amiram was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by The Information Technology Association of Israel (IPA), “for his outstanding contribution to the establishment and management of Information Technology in Israel, for management of the computerization of the business sector and transforming the software industry to one of the export branches of the State of Israel, for his contribution to the integration of the computer community into the international community and for his contribution to IPA.” Amiram has also been recognized with

The Kaplan Prize for his contribution to the development of the management and computerization of the business community in Israel, awarded by the President of the State of Israel and the Minister of Labor.

The grade of Senior Member of the International Society of Manufacturing Engineers -SME

The Israeli Marketing Excellency Prize, awarded by the President of the State of Israel and Lord Sieff, on behalf of the Israeli Manufacturers Association

The Excellence of Management Prize, awarded by the Israeli Minister of Agriculture)