Strategic Sourcing

The Intersection of Strategic Need and Technological Solutions

ENT thrives at the intersection of strategic enterprise need and innovative technological solutions.

Adept at helping up-and-coming Israeli technology companies find their way into world markets, ENT also excels at thoroughly exploring and understanding our enterprise clients' needs. Then, ENT sources the exceptional Israeli technological solutions best suited to meet their strategic goals.

Working on a success-based model, ENT leverages vast ICT(INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY) experience and high-level access to the best solutions that the renowned Israeli hi-tech industry has to offer. With in-house technological and business expert resources, ENT works to identify, analyze, select, and evaluate for our clients “best-of-breed” Israeli technologies - filtering solutions carefully and delivering only solutions which can be cost-effectively used to build strategic value for our clients' unique markets.

To maintain its track record of staying one step ahead, and bringing clients only the most innovative and proven new technologies, ENT proactively seeks to identify new markets for state-of-the-art technologies. Entering into long-term strategic alliances with prominent and reputable professional organizations in Israel, ENT keeps on top of new developments.

ENT goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients have immediate and effective access to the right technology, and ensure that the right technology can be translated into measurable business success.
ENT connects outstanding technologies with outstanding business opportunities.